A downloadable game for Windows

    This is ShadowRealm - a prototype that I made a few years ago while learning game development and design. As a gameplay animator my job  is mainly focused on combat and I needed to understand how that works from a gameplay point of view.

    I created this game while also learning how to code in game maker studio, the art, code and animations are all done by myself.

    The prototype has a few objects that you can interact with, lots of bugs, if you go back from where you came from you will have everything respawned. The main focus is the boss fight which in itself is rudimentary.

    For any questions feel free to contact me at : pixelartisland@gmail.com

Controls : 

  • Move Left - left arrow
  • Move Right- right arrow
  • Sheathe Sword - W
  • Unsheathe Sword - S
  • Switch Direction - CTRL + Left arrow/Right arrow
  • Dodge back - Arrow key + SHIFT 
  • Attacks - Arrow Keys + SPACE
  • Use/Interact = E

Install instructions

Just run the executable


ShadowRealm_build_0.01.exe 5 MB


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Hi. So here is what I started. Released so far. Would love to know what you think of this.


sorry for the late reply! I Loved it. It looks great. I'm currently away but I'll get back to you with the pixel island logo thingy. Or you can do your own version if you feel it suits your needs better.

Played on my show, Indie Game Roundup. Very promising so far!


Thank you! Really enjoyed the video - Also - there's 3 attacks ( forward which deals less damage, upward which deals more and downward which deals the most ( about 10 ish as far as i remember ). Made it like 2 years ago while figuring out combat mechanics to help out with my job. :D

This game is very addicting for just being a prototype.  I would hope you would add more stuff in the future.

Hey, thanks so much, unfortunately I don't even think I have the project for it anymore but I am working on other stuff.

Very nice. I am doing case studies on shaders and pixel art. you mind if I reference you work here.

go ahead! but just so you know I didn't use shaders on this one

Thank for the reply. Yup I know thank you. I am Made a Water Shader for 2D. Busy with a Day night Cycle for 2D with color step. Here is what I am doing. My actual question in I like the look of the character. May I reference that? I am building it in Unity.


That looks amazing! Sure you can use it! ( just add the - where you got the inspiration part- )Love the kingdom esque  water:D